At Teklak we use communication as a craft, where the first essential step is to identify the target audience in order to subsequently develop on-line (web, social networks, e-mail marketing, mobile messaging, etc.) as well as off-line (press office, printed media, publications, etc.) strategies in internal and external communication processes.


Communication Strategy

Once we identify the target audience and specify the general as well as specific challenges, we design a strategy that is tailored to the needs and resources of our clients, with an action plan that is specific, viable and which can be evaluated.

Digital Communications Management

Being consistent with our client’s objectives, we create communicative contents of interest in different formats (visual, audiovisual, text, sound) and we disseminate them through our client’s digital channels, while continuously monitoring their impact (social network monitoring, analytics, etc.).

Press Office

We organise press conferences, press releases and organise interviews and reports with the media. Likewise, we compile publications in a press clipping so that our clients can have all the materials properly filed.

Creation of communication narratives and aids

We help our client’s create communication narratives and aids that define their project(s). We work on defining messages and finalising texts as well as on creating glossaries, selecting graphic and/or audiovisual styles and the final supervising of the materials.

Organising remote events

We help organise remote events (meetings, seminars, training sessions, etc.) through the following services: tool set-up (creation of links,, administrative permissions, recording, etc.), defining of playlists, preparing instructions for participants, managing recordings, promotion work, chat service, managing presentations (ppt, etc.), coordinating with organising agents, etc.