Irene Intxausti Basilio

When I was a little girl I distributed flowers with my father, who had a flower shop, and some years later after graduating with honours in “Defeat Sciences”: coming in last place during the swimming meets was definitely my thing.

At 21 I graduated in Music History and Sciences from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, where I would return years later to study Communications Management in Cultural Organisations.

Along the way I completed a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad del País Vasco, I worked as a reporter and thanks to auto-correct I once said “humanoid rights” live and I got a chance to visit other countries on holiday and also on business trips.

Before starting on this adventure I had fun and learned from the professionals I had a chance to work with every day in places like Teatro Paraiso or Tabakalera. I also ventured into different areas and experiences such as engaging in journalistic collaborations, research grants, assessment boards or furthered my education like for example, the Postgraduate Degree I earned in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Uned.

Years later I learned that my sister, when she was a little girl, would fill the living room with small pieces of paper because she was already an artist at that young age, “my mum inhabits the words” because she is a poet and my son… my son!

In a nutshell, I began my adulthood with a clear objective: become a Classic Radio Broadcaster; the ones that don’t talk a lot in order to not rub people the wrong way. But I will admit, I have veered off subject… yes doesn’t mean I see myself riding a capollo?!

Ander Elorza Urdangarin

When I was 12 years old my friend Iker and I built a diorama of a storm in the dessert.

I completed studies in Basque Philology at Universidad del País Vasco, but what I really liked was communication and cinema so I studied Director of Photography and Camera Operator at the C.E.C.C. school of Barcelona, where professor Luis Aller taught me about Composition. From this point forward, images would never be the same for me.

For 6 years I combined my work as a Basque teacher and manager at the Centro Cultural Euskal Etxea of Barcelona with producing small and failed audiovisual works.

In 2006 I saw the film Sans Soleil by Chris Marker.

In 2010, and after a year long trip through Australia and Japan, my first documentary feature film was released, Estralurtar lurraldea.

I worked at local media outlets as a camera operator and editor, where I learned the real value of teamwork but also piecework.

When I was nearly 40 years old, I graduated from the University of Life by becoming a freelance worker. My freelance work as a film-maker and as head of communications enabled me to learn from people and collectives such as Lacasinegra, writer Karmele Jaio, documentary film-maker David Busto or musician Koldo Uriarte.

Zineatxekua is my artistic refuge. There you will find hung clothes, telekinesis manuals, films in Fast forward as well as other film related devices. iunkopia is my YouTube channel where I talk about film and other related subjects.

Mireya Martín

 natural environment is television. I have been watching television since I was a little girl and when I grew up, I got the chance to see what goes on behind the scenes.

I grew up watching “Los Payasos de la Tele” (a children’s show starring a family of clowns) and my first idol was Milikito.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UPV; I guess there is where I learned to listen and got to know humanoid beings better…

I am also an Audiovisual and Entertainment Show Production Technician, so, I make a show out of everything. There is where I became passionate about production work, which I had the chance to do at my city’s local TV station. (Since then, I place a lot more importance on time and I measure it by the minute) 3, 2, 1, go…

I also discovered the just as fascinating universe of keyboard short cuts…and the underscore _, which since then, I have been using in many of my “passwords

I have spent more than a decade communicating… “I now realise” that, if I hang up, some day, I will give a line 😉

On my spare time I have slowly become one of the most important persons for two people I adore; like a good friend of mine says “I am a mother, not a person”.

At my first job I was a play specialist… Since then, in all my jobs and also in life, I have continued playing. Because I believe that is why we are here, to play… what is important is to participate and if car, then car and if cow, then cow. I can say no more.

Iera Agote (collaborator)

It was all flattery when I won the ‘Haur Kantu Txapelketa’ with the work ‘Plisti plasta’, but it is cold at the top. When you reach the top at 10 years old, you know that the only thing you can do is reinvent yourself. I redirected my promising career as a solo artist towards the world of communication. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, where I discovered that I enjoyed asking questions and listening more than singing.

After graduation and with the King yet to sign my diploma, I moved to Barcelona to study Film Directing and Producing. I wanted to go in depth into other ways and forms of communication and this brought me back to Vitoria to study a Masters’ in Multimedia Communication.

My mother always told me “You must pay for your own habits”, so early in life I worked as a babysitter, distributing chocolates and cheese at the supermarket or issuing DNI cards at a police station. I have not chipped stones at a mine but I have learned to value how much effort it takes to earn things, so it is not uncommon to see me standing outside the supermarket checking the sales receipt. With the degrees in hand, I have been fortunate to be able to work in the areas I trained for. My first job in the sector was in front of the microphone at Radio Vitoria. After than I worked at El Correo, where for 7 years I worked in front of the camera as well as behind the keyboard. I carry out these same jobs at another digital media called Gasteiz Hoy.

This journalistic journey brought me to Teklak, where I collaborate by helping to disseminate the work of different cultural agents.  Replacing the microphone with a speaker was undoubtedly the right decision.