Cultural management

Many things occur before the dish reaches the table: imagine the different options, select the most suitable, estimate the costs and results (tangible and intangible), identify and obtain each ingredient, plan the recipe, carry it out… The same thing occurs with cultural projects, cooking is a huge task! And at Teklak we know how important it is to handle it in the best way possible.


Technical secretariat | General planning and coordination

We assist in developing projects by adapting the strategy to an executive framework. This way we make work proposals, organise schedules, define roles and tasks, determine milestones, coordinate the different agents that are involved, monitor and evaluate the processes, etc.

Drafting of reports and studies

We draft documents, which based on the needs of the client, can be used to generate and/or impart knowledge.

Evaluation of projects

We facilitate the evaluation of projects from their start as well as after they have been completed. Once the general and specific objectives have been defined, we assist in determining the indicators used for evaluating the quantitative and qualitative results.

Guidance on how to draft dossiers used for seeking funding

We assist in creating proposals aimed at obtaining public as well as private resources (financial or in kind), for carrying out the projects.

Organising of events

We assist in carrying out the production work related with organising training sessions, workshops, seminars, etc.