Audiences at the centre


  1. Type of star that is characterised for rotating on its axis at a high speed, which provides it with an enormous density, an intense magnetic field and causes it to emit radiation pulses at regular intervals based on its period of rotation.
  2. Service directed at people who, in order to reach their maximum potential in terms of achieving their purpose, are committed to making their audiences the cornerstone of their activity.

Audiences as the substance and active players

We live in a time where many organisations are finding their way in a universe full of stars, emitting their own light to illuminate their audiences and groups of interest and become a benchmark and guide for their communities. Could there be a better way of finding this purpose, light or reference, than by working directly with these audiences and placing them at the centre, thus making them the cornerstone of our organisations?

Placing audiences at the centre means considering them the substance and active players, like the cornerstone that marks the course of the organisation and all of its projects, programmes and activities. This means focusing our strategy and resources on building relationships and working with all the agents that make up the organisation’s area of influence, in order to mutually recognise each other as essential partners, to ensure the activity itself emerges with meaning from this partnership.

Placing audiences at the centre, qualitatively and quantitatively promotes the social impact of the projects. Organisations that act in this way find opportunities for: creating and building ties with the citizenry; developing and strengthening the work areas connected with its groups of interest; reviewing and optimising their internal management and the performance of their work teams; or identify new methods of financing.

Who do we enjoy working with

At Púlsar we want to be part of a galaxy of organisations that place their audiences at the centre and make them the focus of their work. We work with organisations on projects that inspire emotion and are thought provoking, originating from the arts, culture, and the social sphere or from different branches of knowledge, contributing to community development, improving people’s quality of life, promoting trust and empathy or favouring shared learning.

We are convinced that positioning audiences at the centre makes the impact of the projects much more significant and allows organisations to reach their maximum splendour in terms of commitment with their communities and developing their purpose. For this reason, we reach out to organisations that want to be in tune with their audiences and reach their maximum potential with their audiences by their side.


When we talk about “audiences”, who are we referring to?

At Púlsar, when we talk about “audiences”, we are thinking about the people or communities that live in each star and make their axis rotate. Beyond offering activities to audiences or spectators, our intent is to establish conversations as well as different types of relationships and commitments.

We are talking about…
… individual persons, who, based on their own interests and particular views on life, are immersed in a specific project or activity and circumstantially share this situation.
… groups of interest and communities affected by a type of area of experience or knowledge, more or less committed with its development and with the potential for determining its focus and impact.

To arrange these audiences, we have placed them in three possible categories:



The entire spectrum of people capable of establishing a relationship with our organisation, may be reached by our offer, be more or less affected by our activity and therefore, may potentially participate and associate with it.


Various groups with specific characteristics and/or interests in specific subjects that can be consulted and with whom more direct, specific and personalised relationships can be established.


Group which interest and relationship with our organisation is primarily based on proximity, on sharing the same location and therefore, its circumstances, problems and specific situations.


What does Púlsar offer?

Púlsar‘s services are focused on accompanying the organisation/audience convergence, throughout all phases of the process, from its initial stages to its consolidation, with a vision that is both strategic and operational.

In this search for convergence, the organisation must choose what types of relationships need to be prioritised. To accomplish this and following the international trends of working with audiences, from Púlsar we propose setting goals based on three interrelated relationship levels:


Enrich and consolidate relationships with existing audiences.


Increase the number of people or groups associated with the organisation and/or its activities.


Add new audiences based on types, subjects and/or specific situations.


To achieve this, we offer a constellation of services that we present in three different packages of actions aimed at making them easier to understand, but which complement each other and which can be articulated as an itinerary or be developed separately:


Do you need a roadmap to optimise the relationship you have with your audiences? We assist you in identifying, segmenting and managing your audiences and possibly articulating them as a community or communities. Based on your purpose, we design a strategic plan that places audiences at the centre; to create an operational action plan that, based on the actions you are already carrying out, motivates your organisation and mobilises your community; creating an evaluation system that allows valuing the impact as well as the areas for improvement.


Do you want to bond more effectively with your audiences? We help you design a communication plan that optimises the level of mutual listening with your audiences; that establishes the formats, channels and contents that are best adapted to the reality of your organisation; and that integrates specific actions that are aligned with the pursued goals. Likewise, we assist you in activating and developing, recording and documenting as well as carrying out a continuous assessment of these actions.


Do you want to work hand in hand with your communities? We help you configure collaborative processes to integrate your audiences in designing aspects of your organisation as well as the activities you want audiences to participate in. We propose methods that are tailored to your goals, commitments, schedule and resources; we accompany you in implementing these co-created processes, addressing their different milestones and returns as well as evaluating loyalty and the increase in the audiences’ involvement.

Shall we take a pulse?

In order for you to become familiar with the work we carry out, some possible examples of the aforementioned mix between subjects are provided below: audience – goal – action.









Collaborative design

Created example:

Estrategia / Profundizar / Público específico

Reto: convertir a los/as niños/as de 3 a 6 años en agentes activos de una nueva creación escénica.

Solución: articular un programa de ensayos abiertos, acompañado de una acción de mediación adecuada, que posibilite integrar la mirada de los/as niños/as en el proceso creativo.

Shall we talk?

From Púlsar we can accompany you throughout your stellar journey of making your audiences the cornerstone of your organisation. From carrying out the first diagnosis, to the general planning, periodic advice, the execution of specific actions, the development of training plans or the implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems.

Do you want to place audiences at the centre? Shall we set up a time to talk about how to do this? Do you want us to explain any of our services in greater detail? Shall we talk?

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