What is its objective?

Place audiences at the centre of the strategy of companies or organisations, thus making them a transversal objective to all areas.

Who is being addressed?

Companies or organisations that want to:

  • Quantitatively and qualitatively promote citizen participation in their projects.
  • Enrich the relationships between people that, from different roles, shape them.
  • Strengthen the working team; individually and collectively.
  • Optimize the management and benefit the financing of projects.
  • Increase the social impact of the promoting organisation.

These companies or organisations may be engaged in any line of business:

  • Organisations which final objective is to contribute to sustainable development and social transformation, through projects focused on generating and disseminating knowledge originating from different fields of learning and/or the generation of artistic cultural and creative experiences.
  • Organisations from other business areas:
    • B2C Approach
      Organisations that reach the user directly.
    • Enfoque Approach
      Organisations that design, manufacture and deliver products and services to other companies.



Training focussed on key questions about audiences:

  • Audience segmentation and study.
  • Definition of objectives for a plan.
  • Possible strategies and actions.
  • Design of evaluation indicators.
  • Transfer of knowledge.
  • Organisational involvement.


Consulting for audience development:

  • Study of audiences.
  • Strategic plans.
  • Action plans.
  • Evaluation systems.
  • Systematization of the transferring of knowledge.
  • Organisational accompanying.


Management of audiences:

  • Execution of the audiences plan.
  • Implementation of specific actions.
  • Drafting of follow-up reports.

Always, tailoring

Each project is unique. Although some common guidelines exist, the circumstances of each company or organisation recommend searching for a tailored design of the work process based on the following ideas-strengths:

On-line, in-person and blended

Selection of the most efficient work format for the client based on the geographic location, the availability of technological resources and competencies for using them and the objectives that have been defined, among others


Possibility of working on a private network (extranet). This network will be used as a space for planning, monitoring and conducting a centralised and secure management of any process that is activated around audience development.

Modularity and flexibility

Initial prioritisation based on the initial objectives of the intervention from PSR services (training, consulting and/or management). However, PSR will be permanently open to the possibility of readjustments to the selection of services in order for these to provide a more optimised response to the actual needs of each company or organisation.

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